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JEEP Model, Year, and Engine We ONLY SUPPORT those vehicles and engines listed below. Grand Cherokee: No Products

Super Engine Kit includes engine block brackets, motor mounts, and Grade 8 hardware. Models available for Jeep 4.0L, 4.2L, 2.4L, and 2.5L engines.
Above: Super Kit features 7-bolt driver-side and 8-bolt passenger-side engine bracket, a pair of Ultra-Flex Rubber motor mounts, and all Grade 8 (M10.9) hardware. No engine or other modifications needed. Prevents or repairs broken engine block thread bosses or sheared bolts. Don't want the full kit?  Brackets also sold individually. Mounts sold as a pair. Available for 4.0L and 2.5L Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ, LJ, Cherokee XJ, and Comanche MJ. 

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When riding his Jeep off road, the Brown Dog demanded high-performance motor mounts and engine brackets when securing the 2.5L engine in his Jeep Wrangler YJ. When he couldn't find them, he designed and made his own. Why? Because he didn't want a sagging Jeep engine miles from civilization. Here are more reasons to trust your Jeep to Brown Dog.

Whether your Jeep is stock, built for a few weekend drives, month-long expeditions, or a competition rig; we have the products needed to secure your engine.

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Priority Mail shipping to every USA state, territory or military (APO/FPO) address. Every product. International customers should expect to pay international shipping VAT, and customs fees where applicable (brokerage fees may also apply if you ask us to use commercial carriers other than the Postal System). Shipping policy here.  Read the shipping policy thoroughly...every word.
Rubber VS. Polyurethane:

Now They're The Same Price!!

Rubber or Polyurethane Motor Mounts. Choose Classic Polyurethane to give your rig a sportier feel. Select our proprietary Ultra-Flex Rubber to absorb more vibration on your daily driver. Want to change from one to the other? Our motor mount bushings are designed to be swapped out if needed. Compare rubber to polyurethane here.
Goof-proof check out. To be sure you're getting the right product for your Jeep, when you check out we ask a few questions about your Jeep. If your answers don't match the engine brackets and/or motor mounts you've ordered, we'll call you to confirm your order. How goof-proof is that? Or, call us at 866-401-3877 if you're not sure about something.

Designed for high performance. 
  • More steel than most other aftermarket mounts and brackets.
    • Solid 1/4" plate steel engine brackets.
    • DOM ferrules for added strength. No rolled, non-welded tube - that doesn't make sense to us.
    • 3/16" steel motor mounts and motor mount lifts.
  • Double-welds (both interior and exterior) unless unreachable.
  • Attention to detail at all time.
  • All products are powder coated with sunburst yellow polyester coating.
  • Have an aftermarket header? No problem.
    • Our engine brackets are designed to accept aftermarket headers - specifically providing extra room and avoiding interference with your aftermarket exhaust setup, while accomodating the stock exhaust and aftermarket OEM manifolds as well.
  • Grade 8 (or 10.9 metric) hardware...only the best for your passengers and dogs.

Engineered, tested and continually improved.
  • These rugged motor mounts & engine brackets stand up to the tough torsional stresses experienced on the world's most brutal trails.
  • 20-Ton Press Test demonstrates structural integrity.
  • When carefully installed according to instructions (including the correct part for the application and any tightening specifications), we believe our proprietary mount design will out-perform any comparable product on the market.

Ease of installation.

  • Brown Dog motor mounts bolt to the frame-side bracket (pylon or perch) and to either Jeep or Brown Dog engine brackets. 
  • Brown Dog engine brackets bolt directly to existing thread bosses on the Jeep engine block and accept almost all motor mounts on the market. No modifications. No welding, no drilling, no tapping.
  • Very, very rare, if ever, modification required. (We'd say "never," but we haven't personally seen every Jeep ever made; there is bound to be an unusual situation somewhere.)
    Extended technical support most evenings and weekends: 
    Call 866-401-3877
    No cutting, tapping, drilling,
    or welding when you follow our  recommendations.

Life-time warranty.

  • If the appropriate product was installed correctly and any yellow (or factory-welded to yellow) portion of our product fails:
  • Send us photos showing the product as installed, in the correct application (i.e., Jeep vehicle, year, engine) and the failure. 
  • If the above conditions are met, we'll send your free replacements. No shipping, handling, evaluation or any other hidden charge. Free is free. If we want the failed mounts or brackets returned, we'll pay for the shipping after you've received and installed the replacements. We're that sure.
  • The replaceable Ultra-Flex Rubber or Classic Polyurethane bushings are not covered (they are consumables). 
  • ANY alteration(s) of any kind without our explicit pre-approval voids the entire warranty.

After we earn your business, please tell your Jeep friends and their dogs so they can ride more secure, too!

Handcrafted in the USA