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Smashed Brown Dog Motor Mount after 20-Ton Press Test.       Unscathed hardware mean your engine stays put.
Above Left: Brown Dog motor mount was smashed on a 20-ton press.
Above Right: Grade 8 hardware and DOM ferrule are unscathed. Bushings are easily replaceable. Bottom Line: No structural failure means your engine stays secure.  

20-Ton Press Test.
The Brown Dog wants to be sure his motor mounts keep your Jeep engine secure under pressure. To check for structural failures, we periodically take a Brown Dog motor mount off the shelf and set it in our 20-ton press. Then we apply pressure. 20 tons of pressure to be exact.

Of course we know you'd never apply this much pressure, in this way, on the trail; but wouldn't you like the confidence to know that there won't be a structural failure when you're under pressure? (Besides, smashing a motor mount gives the Brown Dog a sense of adventure when he can't be out on the trail.)

Competition rig testing, too.
While the 20-ton press test (above) gives us immediate structural testing feed-back, competition rigs equipped with our motor mounts, motor mount lifts, and/or engine brackets provide feed-back in severe conditions. We have sponsored many competition teams over the years ... rock crawling, mud slinging, and desert racing .... just to be sure we stand secure when others fail.
Backed with our life-time warranty, you can't go wrong. 
We've never seen a structural failure of a Brown Dog engine bracket. Ever. If there ever is (and we'd like to see how it happened because it must have been spectacular), we'll back it with our life-time warranty.
Don't get caught with a sagging engine miles from civilization.
Secure your Jeep engine with some Brown Dog motor mounts and engine brackets today. Get them installed before your next offroad adventure.