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B2500-K2, Classic Polyurethane Bushing Kit - 1987-2001 4.0L Cherokee XJ and Comanche MJ

Your Price: $39.95
Part Number: B2500-K2
Includes: Everything shown plus 1 sticker
Brown Dog K2-Series motor mounts feature one mount with press-on bushing retainers and one mount that does not have press-on retainers. (See applications below.)

This kit includes:
  • 4 Replacement bushings
  • 1 DOM sleeve 
  • 2 Press-on bushing retainers. We will pre-assemble the DOM sleeve and one of the bushing retainers. The other retainer will need to be pressed on the other end of the DOM sleeve after assembly into your mount. If you do not have access to a 10-ton press, we can send you an exchange k-mount. To request a no-charge exchange mount, be sure to also add the core charge to your order (PN K-Series Core). A core charge will be added to your invoice. This core charge will be refunded when we receive your old driver side mount (core) from you. If you have questions, please call 866-401-3877.
Brown Dog Ultra-Flex Rubber and Classic Polyurethane bushings are interchangeable.
If you have rubber bushings and want a sportier ride, order the Classic Polyurethane kit. If you have polyurethane bushings and want to absorb more drive-line vibration, order our proprietary Ultra-Flex Rubber bushing kit. All Brown Dog motor mounts and motor mount lifts are rebuildable with either rubber or polyurethane.
Replaces worn bushings in both sides of K-Series Brown Dog motor mounts and motor mount lifts:
  • C2572-0K2 on all 4.0L XJ and MJ
Note: Brown Dog K-Series motor mounts are typically purchased for use with Jeep engine brackets. Brown Dog C-Series motor mounts are typically purchased for use with Brown Dog engine brackets. If you're not sure what you have, email a picture of both your passenger and driver side Brown Dog motor mounts and we'll make sure you get the correct rebuild kit.

Order one kit per pair of mounts.

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OEM12-130-2, Replacement Thru-Bolts, Locknuts, Washers, Both Sides
Don't want to re-use the thru-bolts to connect your new Brown Dog motor mounts to the original Jeep engine brackets? This thru-bolt kit includes M10.9 through-bolts, all-metal locknuts (prevailing torque nuts), and washers.
Your Price: $34.95
OEM12-130-2, Replacement Thru-Bolts, Locknuts, Washers, Both Sides
K2-Core, K-Series Motor Mount - Core Charge
For use when exchanging and not rebuilding the K-Side of Brown Dog K-Series motor mounts. We'll send you an exchange motor mount with the rebuild kit (PN B2500-K2 or BU2500-K2). When you send us your old mount (core), we'll refund this core charge.
Your Price: $74.95
K2-Core, K-Series Motor Mount - Core Charge