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C2569-2, 2" Motor Mount Lifts, Classic Polyurethane

Your Price: $174.95
Part Number: C2569-2
Includes: Everything shown plus 1 sticker
Made in USA: Using USA steel, bushings, hardware, etc.
Warranty: Lifetime - Except bushings
Do I need a 1.5" or 2" MML?
Probably not.  Some abnormal circumstances in which 1.5" or 2" MMLs may be useful include extreme suspension lift, custom frames, custom engine installations, or bodies that require a particular engine position due to an out-of-the-ordinary configuration. Most typical suspension lifts (up to about 6") and other common modifications of stock vehicles do not fall in this category.  

If you are considering installing a 1.5" or 2" MML,
  Please check for enough clearance between the bell housing and floor pan.
  Also check for enough clearance between the valve cover and the hood; this can be done by putting a ball of modeling clay on the highest part of the valve cover and closing the hood (measure the resulting ball).  
  Remember, you're moving the entire engine assembly 2" upward at the radiator fan.
  Do all of the research and homework you can.  Call us, or chat with people on Jeep Forum or NAXJA.  Find people who have done it, or those who have considered it.  This is not your everyday modification.  Be sure you know what you are doing.

C2569-2, Classic Polyurethane 2" Motor Mount Lifts

Want Jeep motor mount lifts (MMLs) to help compensate for driveline angle problems caused by an extreme suspension lift? Have an abnormal modification that's impacted driveline angle? Brown Dog designed these motor mount lifts to reposition your engine a full two inches higher than stock (at the cooling fan). This modification results in a dramatic change in the driveline angle. 

The Brown Dog has experienced a couple busted stock motor mounts himself, on his own Wrangler. This is why we engineered these replacement motor mounts for extreme strength. You'll find these mounts a serious upgrade from most aftermarket mounts, too. We use plate steel. We also double-weld joints to provide the most strength possible. And, just to make sure, why we periodically pull one off the shelf and put it through our 20-Ton Press Test. We've never seen a structural failure of our mounts.

Featuring Classic Polyurethane Bushings.

The Classic Polyurethane bushings in this set of Brown Dog motor mounts will give your rig a sportier feel. If the bushings ever start to wear, replacements are available from Brown Dog Offroad. Prefer Ultra-Flex Rubber bushings? We offer all motor mounts and motor mount lifts with either polyurethane or rubber to match your preference. Not sure which is for you? Click here.


Backed by Brown Dog Promise.
Brown Dog motor mounts will be the last set of mounts you'll need. The Brown Dog gives you his promise.

Installation Notes: 
  • Before ordering 2" MML, check other components under the hood to be sure you have enough room for a 2" MML. Engine will be raised 2" at the stock cooling fan.
  • Motor mount lifts bolt directly to the pylon in the identical position of the stock mounts except right (passenger side). Please note, the passenger side (right) mount bolts to a cradle which, in turn, bolts to pylon. If in good condition, you may wish to reuse your existing cradle. Cradle available separately for 2.5L (4 cylinder)
    • 1991-1995 Wrangler YJ
    • 1991-1996 Cherokee XJ
    • 1991-1992 Comanche MJ
  • You will experience significant interference between 2" MMLs and the original engine bracket lips. Significant grinding on the original engine bracket lip will be required so the 2" MML clears. To avoid significant engine bracket modification we suggest upgrading to Brown Dog lipless Engine Brackets when you install these MMLs. (Note: Original brackets will not interfere with Brown Dog MMs and minimal interference with 1" MMLs.)
  • In all situations inspect your engine brackets carefully for any cracks or other signs of weakness. Brown Dog all-steel, double-welded, lipless brackets were designed for use with our MMs and MMLs.
  • If you suspect bracket weakness or do not want to weaken existing brackets be modifying them to avoid interference with this MML, we strongly encourage you to consider ordering one of these upgrade kits.
    • K2569-2, includes 2" MML and Lipless Engine Brackets. 
      • 1997-2000 2.5L Cherokee XJ
      • 1997-2002 2.5L Wrangler TJ
    • X2569-2 Extreme Upgrade Kit includes 2" MMLs, Lipless Engine Brackets and Support Cradle for the right mount for
      • 1991-1995 2.5L Wrangler YJ
      • 1991-1992 2.5L Comanche MJ
      • 1991-1996 2.5L Cherokee XJ  
    • Sorry, engine brackets NOT currently available for 2.1L I4 Diesel, 2.8L V6 Gas, nore 2.4L Gas engines.

Application Notes 

  • Jeep Wrangler YJ, 2.5L (150ci), I4, 1991-1995 (when used with Brown Dog B2569 series Engine Brackets)
  • Jeep Cherokee XJ, 2.5L (150ci), I4 Gas, 1991-2000 (when used with Brown Dog B2569 series Engine Brackets)
  • Jeep Comanche MJ, 2.5L (150ci), I4 Gas, 1991-1992 (when used with Brown Dog B2569 series Engine Brackets)





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