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C2572-1K2, 1" Motor Mount Lifts, Classic Polyurethane

Your Price: $169.95
Part Number: C2572-1K2
Includes: Everything shown plus 1 sticker
Made in USA: Using USA steel, bushings, hardware, etc.
Warranty: Lifetime - Except bushings

With regard to XJs and MJs, polyurethane mounts are recommended for rigs that are doing heavy off-roading or other extreme uses.  Because of the unibody construction, Ultra-Flex rubber is recommended for daily drivers and light off-roaders.  You'll find these mounts a serious upgrade from OEM mounts.

Will It Fit? (READ THIS):
That is an important question.  As far as stock XJ/MJ vehicles go, the prohibiting factor is the top of the engine assembly's distance from the hood.  You should carefully check it before ordering any MML for these vehicles.  A very few
older model XJ and MJ vehicles (square front) are the only vehicles that will accept a 1" MML; that's one reason even we offer them (and for vehicles being made into offroad only buggies)

Jeep Cherokee XJ & Comanche MJ 1" Motor Mount Lifts (Pair)
Want Cherokee XJ or Comanche MJ motor mount lifts (MMLs) to give you more ground clearance? The Brown Dog designed these Motor Mount Lifts to reposition your engine one inch higher than stock (at the cooling fan). This modification results in a slight increase in ground clearance at the oil pan.
High performance design.
We engineered these XJ/MJ Motor Mount Lifts for extreme strength, ease of installation, and long life. In fact, we believe you'll find these a serious upgrade, especially when encountering the torque often experienced in offroad conditions
Extreme strength.

These motor mount lifts are all steel and feature double-welded joints to provide the most strength possible. And, just to make sure, we periodically pull a set of mounts off the shelf and put them through our 20-Ton Press Test. We have yet to see a Brown Dog motor mount or motor mount lift with a structural failure ... even when used in competitive conditions.

Slide into original equipment engine brackets.
Unlike most other high-performance motor mount lifts, Brown Dog Motor Mount Lifts do not require trimming the driver-side bushings or grinding the lip off the original 4.0L XJ or MJ engine brackets. Our left (driver side) motor mount lift design accommodates the lip cast into the original driver-side bracket. You get full benefit of the bushings with bolt-in convenience. (Please see below about a possible conflict resulting from repositioning of the transmission bell housing and the 'hump' in the floorboard.) 


Featuring Classic Polyurethane Bushings.

The Classic Polyurethane bushings in this set of Brown Dog motor mount lifts will give your rig a sportier feel. Prefer our proprietary Ultra-Flex Rubber bushings? We offer all motor mounts and motor mount lifts with either polyurethane or rubber to match your preference. In fact, they are intechangeable. Not sure which is for you? Click here.


Backed by Brown Dog Promise.
Brown Dog motor mounts will be the last set of mounts you'll need. The Brown Dog gives you his promise.


Installation Notes
  • Engine is raised 1" at the stock cooling fan. This will change the driveline angle.  It also increases ground clearance.
  • Prior to ordering, be sure to check distance between your transmission bell housing and the floorboard for a possible conflict. Some XJ will not require any modification here. Other customers report a slight nudge with a 3 lb. sledgehammer does the trick. Still others build in clearance using a torch or cutting wheel and setting the floorboard up slightly. Measure carefully and plan accordingly.
  • Carefully inspect engine brackets for any excess wear, especially cracks. The original brackets weren't designed to handle the strength of these high-performance motor mount lifts. If brackets show wear, order S2572-1 or SU2572-1 which include both Motor Mount Lifts, both Engine Brackets, and all new Grade 8 mounting hardware including new through bolts. However, the left (driver-side) motor mount lift is identical to the right side in the kit. This makes for a stronger all-around upgrade. If, after you have our "K" series mounts, you need brackets, be sure to call and discuss options. It's always in your best interest to order the brackets and mounts at once and save a few bucks along the way.
  • Loosen transmission mount bolts prior to raising engine. Failure to do this can result in damage to the transmission mount during motor mount installation. We recommend replacing transmission mount when replacing motor mounts. However, at a minimum, loosen bolts and carefully inspect for wear.
  • These motor mount lifts will bolt to frame-side brackets in the identical position as the stock mounts. These bolts should be tightened like most others on your Cherokee or Comanche. Nice and tight. Tighten thru-bolts (bolt that goes through bracket arms and motor mount) according to the instructions included with the mounts. Do not over-tighten through-bolt lock-nuts or you will get vibrations.  Air tools should not be used here. 
  • If you have any questions during installation or believe a part will not fit, do NOT alter the part. Call Brown Dog, 866 401-3877 or email contact us. We have extended support to assist with installation. 

Application Notes 

These motor mount lifts are for use with original equipment engine brackets, only.

  • Jeep Cherokee XJ, 6-Cylinder (4.0L/242ci), 1987-2001
  • Jeep Comanche MJ, 6-Cylinder (4.0L/242ci), 1987-1992