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S2572-LHRX, Super Bracket, Left, 1987-1990 XJ, MJ 4.0L

S2572-LHRX, Driver/Left Side Header Renix Super Engine Bracket
S2572-LHRX, Driver/Left Side Header Renix Super Engine Bracket
Your Price: $219.95
Part Number: S2572-LHRX
Includes: Everything shown plus 1 sticker
Made in USA: Using USA steel, bushings, hardware, etc.
Warranty: Lifetime
Note: Includes Renix Anti-Knock Sensor Adapter

Brown Dog Left Super Bracket for 1987-1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ, Comanche MJ 4.0L with Renix Fuel System.

Left (driver-side) Super Bracket features seven Grade 8 or M10.9 metric equivalent bolts - four more attachment pointst han the original bracket. These additional bolts virtually eliminate shearing bolts or ripped engine bosses caused by the cumulative stress from years of potholes - or not so many years of offroad torsional forces. Often used as a repair for engine blocks with one to three damaged bosses or sheared bolts.

No engine block modification necessary. All seven thread boss holes exist. Some are currently empty. A couple will be shared with other accessory brackets. One will be shared with the Renix fuel system's knock sensor. A knock sensor adapter is included to use with this bracket and your original sensor.

Have a sheared bolt or a torn boss? Don't sweat it. With this bracket you'll still have more bolts securing your engine in place than you originally did. In fact, we never suggest pulling the engine to remove sheared bolts. It's just uneeded work. And who wants that!

Compact design accommodates both original-style manifold and aftermarket headers. According to header manufacturer's warranty staff, one of the leading causes of cracked headers is worn motor mounts. (Of course, worn or missing exhaust hangars/brackets also can cause cracks.) This Brown Dog bracket design works with your original manifold or Banks, Borla, Pace Setter, Edelbrock, and many other common aftermarket headers. So if you're replacing your manifold, consider replacing the brackets and mounts, too. 

Change mounts and brackets all at the same time. Save a few bucks. And never have to do it again. While this bracket can be used with original-style motor mounts, when converting to Brown Dog engine brackets, we strongly recommend upgrading to Brown Dog high-performance motor mounts at the same time. The original mounts, designed for street driving, simply won't stand up to the torsional forces experienced offroad...or all-to-frequent pot hole in today's streets. To save you some bucks, we developed kits, including both motor mounts and brackets, for a significant discount compared to purchasing everything individually.

  • S2572-0HRX, includes a pair of Super Engine Brackets and Classic Polyurethane Motor Mounts.

  • SU2572-0HRX, includes a pair of Super Engine Brackets and Ultra-Flex Rubber Motor Mounts.

All installation hardware included.
The Brown Dog ships all new Grade 8 hardware (or metric equivalent) required to bolt brackets to seven attach points in the existing engine block. Grade 8 through-bolts, lock nuts and washers are also included for securing brackets to motor mounts. 

Renix knock sensor adapter included.
Also included with this engine block bracket is an adapter for use with the Renix Knock Sensor (PN RX2572). This adapter fits between the engine block and the sensor while accomodating for the bracket.

Application Notes: 

  • 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 Cherokee XJ 4.0L with Renix fuel system.

  • 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 Comanche MJ 4.0L with Renix fuel system.

  • If vehicle engine is from a Grand Cherokee or Wrangler, call to assure this kit will work.

  • If you have the original engine, but managed to eliminate the Renix fuel system, order part number S2572-LHX. (It's identical to this except a bolt is provided instead of the knock sensor adapter.)

Installation Notes:

  • In preparation for installation, we suggest using naval jelly or PB Blaster with a spiral wire brush to clean out the additional engine block thread bosses.  

  • A copy of the installation instructions showing which holes take which bolts will be included with your bracket. We can also email it ahead of time when requested.