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S2883-LHW, TJ/LJ Super Header Bracket, Left

Your Price: $204.95
Part Number: S2883-LHW
Includes: Everything shown plus 1 sticker
Made in USA: Using USA steel, bushings, hardware, etc.
Warranty: Lifetime
Brown Dog Left Header Super Engine Bracket for 2000-2006 4.0L TJ and LJ Wrangler
Designed to accommodate all known aftermarket headers -- including APN, Banks, Borla, Edlebrock, Hedman, JPN, PaceSetter, and Rugged Ridge -- this driver-side super engine bracket bolts directly to existing thread bosses keeping the engine securely in place while leaving lots of room for header clearance.
This all-steel, double-welded bracket uses the three original thread bosses and four others not used for any other purpose. This virtually eliminates offroad torsional forces shearing bolts or ripping bolts from case like the original bracket that used only three bosses.  Installation requires no engine block modification nor relocation of engine accessories.

As with all Brown Dog engine brackets, this Super Bracket feature the Brown Dog's unique lipless design which eases installation of MMLs. This all-steel double-welded engine bracket accepts stock-height motor mounts (MMs) or 1" or 2" motor mount lifts (MMLs). Unique lipless bracket design will not interfere with installation of 1" or 2" MMLs. 

Purchase brackets individually, as a pair, or in a kit with Brown Dog motor mounts. While these brackets will accommodate OE motor mounts, we  recommend upgrading to Brown Dog high-performance motor mounts or motor mount lifts. The original mounts, designed for street driving, simply won't stand up to the torsional forces experienced offroad. 
Change mounts and brackets all at the same time. And never have to do it again. Brown Dog Super Kit, S2883-0, includes a pair of Super Engine Brackets and Classic Polyurethane Motor Mounts. Upgrade kits, S2883-1 or S2883-2, include 1" or 2" Motor Mount Lifts (MMLs) with the Super Brackets. If Ultra-Flex Rubber motor mounts are desired, order the SU2883 series.

The Brown Dog ships all new 10.9 hardness metric (replaces original 9.8 harness metric bolts) and Grade 8 SAE mounting hardware with this bracket. This includes the seven block bolts and a new thru-bolt, lock nut and washers for securing this bracket to the motor mounts (or motor mount lifts).  Please note, a combination of metric and SAE bolts will be sent with the bracket to match the thread bosses per the Professional Engine Remanufacturing Association specifications. These specifications have been confirmed on our own engine block.

Application Notes
  • Wrangler TJ/LJ, 2000-2006.
  • When installing an engine from a 2000-2006 TJ or LJ, this bracket can also be used with earlier Wrangler TJ and YJ. If installing into an XJ, call us. We have a header bracket designed especially for this application. If installing a new engine and unsure if from a pre-1999 Wrangler or not, please call 866-401-3877 or contact us.
  • Please note, all Cherokee XJ 4.0L engines (even those installed at the factory in 2000 and later) are the early model 4.0L which requires an S2752-L. Do not use this bracket on 4.0L engines originally installed in Cherokee XJ.
Installation Notes
  • In preparation for installation, we suggest using Naval Jelly or PB Blaster with a spiral wire brush to clean out the additional engine block thread bosses.  
  • Since M10 and 3/8 thread bosses are very, very similar, we do not suggest re-tapping holes.
  • A copy of the installation instructions showing which holes take which bolts will be included with your bracket. We can also email it ahead of time when requested.