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S2919-P, RHD 4.0L XJ Super Engine Mount Brackets

Your Price: $379.95
Part Number: S2919-P
Includes: Everything shown plus all Grade 8 installation hardware and one sticker.
Warranty: Life Time
Right Hand Drive Mounts (steering wheel on the right side of the vehicle).
The Brown Dog has right-hand drive Cherokee XJ 4.0L I6 friends who want also want to feel secure when riding their XJ. This is why we engineered these replacement engine mount brackets for extreme strength. In fact, we believe you'll find these a serious upgrade, especially when encountering the torque often experienced in off-road conditions (and even on the streets and highways where potholes make it seem like off-road). If you've already sheared a bolt or two or busted out the casting around a thread boss, you'll find these brackets will 'save' your engine from the scrap heap.

Extreme strength.

These Jeep Cherokee XJ engine brackets are all steel and feature double-welded joints to provide the most strength possible. We have yet to see a Brown Dog  high performance engine bracket with a structural failure ... even those used in the toughest competition events.

Installation Notes
  • Use with either Jeep strap-style motor mounts or Brown Dog high performance motor mounts (available in Ultra-Flex Rubber or Classic Polyurethane). No trimming, grinding, or any other modification required.
  • Secures engine into original stock position.
  • You get the full benefit of bolt-in convenience. The left side uses four of the existing thread bosses already on the engine block. The right side uses eight thread bosses. 
  • Kit includes all Grade 8 (or metric 10.9 equivalent) installation hardware.
  • If you wish to upgrade to Brown Dog high performance motor mounts, order S2919-0 (Classic Polyurethane) or SU2919-0 (Ultra-Flex Rubber) kit. These kits include include both Motor Mounts, both Engine Brackets, and all new Grade 8 mounting hardware including new through bolts. If, after you already have these brackets,  you want to order our high performance mounts, order C2919-0 (Classic Polyurethane) or CU2919-0 (Ultra-Flex Rubber) motor mounts. It's always in your best interest not to wait; order the kit (brackets and mounts at once) and save a few bucks along the way.
  • Loosen transmission mount prior to raising engine. Failure to do this will result in excessive vibration after motor mount installation. We recommend replacing transmission mount when replacing motor mounts. However, at a minimum, loosen bolts and carefully inspect for wear. It's difficult, if not impossible, to inspect transmission mount until loosening the nuts holding up the mount. Transmission mounts tend to tear longways. 
  • Tighten thru-bolts (long bolt that goes through bracket arms and motor mount) snug. Do not over-tighten. Please remember, lock-nuts are for one-time use only. If removed, they should be replaced, not re-used. Air tools should not be used here. 
  • If you have any questions during installation, believe a part will not fit, or have difficulty lining up parts; do NOT alter the part. Call Brown Dog, 866 401-3877 or contact us. We have extended support to assist with installation.