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SU2883-1.5HW, Super Kit - Ultra-Flex Rubber 1.5" Motor Mount Lifts, Super Engine Brackets

Your Price: $504.95
Part Number: SU2883-1.5HW
Includes: Everything shown plus 1 sticker
Made in USA: Using USA steel, bushings, hardware, etc.
Warranty: Lifetime - Except bushings
Do I need a 1.5" or 2" MML?

Probably not.  Some abnormal circumstances in which 1.5" or 2" MMLs may be useful include extreme suspension lift, custom frames, custom engine installations, or bodies that require a particular engine position due to an out-of-the-ordinary configuration. Most typical suspension lifts (up to about 6") and other common modifications of stock vehicles do not fall in this category.  

If you are considering installing a 1.5" or 2" MML,
  Please check for enough clearance between the bell housing and floor pan.
  Also check for enough clearance between the valve cover and the hood; this can be done by putting a ball of modeling clay on the highest part of the valve cover and closing the hood (measure the resulting ball).  
  Remember, you're moving the entire engine assembly 2" upward at the radiator fan.
  Do all of the research and homework you can.  Call us, or chat with people on Jeep Forum or NAXJA.  Find people who have done it, or those who have considered it.  This is not your everyday modification.  Be sure you know what you are doing.

Super Kit: Includes Super Engine Brackets and Ultra-Flex Rubber 1.5" Motor Mount Lifts for 2000-2006 4.0L Jeep TJ and LJ
Change engine mount system never have to do it again. 
  • Super Engine Brackets - 7 Bolts, Left; 6 Bolts, Right using existing engine block thread bosses.
    (Left bracket accepts original style and all known aftermarket headers.)
  • High Performance Ultra-Flex Rubber 1.5" Motor Mount Lifts - Raises engine 1.5" at cooling fan.
  • All Grade 8 Hardware or 10.9 Metric Equivalent.

Super Engine Brackets 
Virtually eliminates the possibility of offroad torsional forces snapping bolts or ripping the bracket from the case. Featuring more attach points than the original brackets, the design spreads the stress load on the engine block bolts. Left bracket features seven bolts, four more than the original. Right bracket features six bolts, three more than the original. Double-welded, all-steel construction for extra strength. No engine block modification necessary. Fits up to existing 4.0L engine block bolt pattern originally found on 2000-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ and LJ.

Often used to fix engines with broken thread bosses and/or sheared bolts.
The clean-sheet design of the 4.0L in-line six cylinder engines originally installed in 2000-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ and LJ are prone to breaking driver-side thread bosses. We hear from owners who have never taken their Jeep offroad but have suffered the consequences of broken bosses and/or sheared bolts. Our driver-side Super Bracket features additional bolts fore, aft, and above the original bolt locations. Thus, this bracket is often used to 'save' a broken engine headed to the scrap pile.

Ultra-Flex Rubber Motor Mount Lifts feature all-steel, double-welded construction. Lifting engine 1" above stock at the cooling fan, these bolt directly to the original mount location. Designed to stand up to the toughest trails Arizona can dish out. (Sorry Utah, we can't stand the cold.) When compared to others, these are a substantial upgrade. Prefer Classic Polyurethane for a sportier feel? Check out Super Kit S2883-1HW. Not sure whether to select Classic Polyurethane or Ultra-Flex Rubber? Compare here.

Ships with Grade 8 Hardware (or 10.9 metric equivalent) required to bolt engine brackets to existing engine block bolt pattern. Also includes new Grade 8 thru-bolts, lock nuts and washers for securing brackets to motor mounts. 

Looking for 2" Motor Mount Lifts? Super Kits, S2883-2, includes 2" Motor Mount Lifts (MMLs) with Super Engine Brackets. 2" MMLs should only be used in extreme builds. If you're not sure if you need 1" or 2" MML, please email or call. Super Brackets feature unique lipless bracket design will not interfere with installation of MMLs. 

Application Notes
  • Wrangler TJ and LJ, 4.0L I-6, 2000-2006
Installation Notes
  • In preparation for installation, we suggest using Naval Jelly or PB Blaster with a spiral wire brush to clean out the additional engine block thread bosses.  
  • Since M10 and 3/8 thread bosses are very, very similar, we do not suggest re-tapping holes.
  • A copy of the installation instructions showing which holes take which bolts will be included with your bracket. We can also email it ahead of time when requested.