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Tim and Prince at Ajax trail near Florence, Arizona

The Brown Dog (aka Prince) was a Chocolate Lab who owned Tim, the man behind Brown Dog Offroad. As pet owners know, a dog like Prince is one of the family. Born March 7, 2002, Prince was, "that late child that came along unexpectedly." He loved to go off-road with his "Dad". And, as with most Labs, he was very intelligent. The Brown Dog said, "This is me and my Dad at Ajax, one of the many cool trails near Florence, Arizona."

In Memory of Prince, 3/7/2002 - 4/24/2014.

About the Original Brown Dog.

The Brown Dog was a Jeepin' dog. When he wanted a ride in his Dad's Yellow Jeep, he would put his nose on the door and look at Dad as if to ask, "Can we go for a ride now?" Aside from that and a whole lot of water, he didn't require much.  He's gone now, but the memories of his excitement for riding in the Jeep will live on forever.

He demanded high-performance Jeep replacement motor mounts and engine brackets when riding his Jeep Wrangler YJ on Arizona's off-road trails. That's because he remembered, first-hand, when his right engine bracket crumbled; leaving him with a sagging engine miles from civilization. He ran a long way to find help that day. He didn't want to make that run again under Arizona's hot sun. Unable to locate strong engine brackets, designed for off-road use and at a reasonable price, the Brown Dog urged his Dad to engineer his own, that was in 2004.

After years of breaking, testing, improving and more testing, Brown Dog Industries was born (now Brown Dog Offroad). The original products were 4-cylinder stock-height motor mounts and 4-cylinder engine brackets for a 1991 Wrangler YJ. Why?  Because the trails near Florence, Arizona were more than the original bracket and mount (and a series of other ready-made brackets and mounts) could handle. This ain't city-driving, folks; this is driving on some of the toughest trails Arizona can dish out (yeah, we know, Utah, but we can't stand the cold).

As more Jeep owners heard about these all-steel, double-welded, high performance engine brackets and motor mounts we found ourselves making them for other Jeepin' dogs. Once word got around, it didn't take long for Jeep owners to call us and request we make other products. Like motor mount lifts and mount support cradles, for example.

In addition to engine brackets, motor mounts (MM), and motor mount lifts (MML) for JeepĀ® Wrangler YJ, the Brown Dog offers high performance products for Wrangler TJ, Cherokee XJ, and Comanche MJ both four-cylinder and six, Even right hand drive friends can feel secure with Brown Dog motor mounts and engine brackets.
Then the Brown Dog designed and specified Ultra-Flex Rubber bushings for his Jeeping friends who wanted more drive line vibration absorbed by the mounts. Of course, all Brown Dog MM and MML are still available with the Classic Polyurethane bushings for those who want a rig with a sportier feel.
Our brackets will accommodate exhaust headers Originally we had header and non-header versions of our engine brackets, but now every bracket we sell will accommodate after-market headers or OEM style exhaust.

Prince was always the constant companion of Tim. Prince saw to it that all Brown Dog motor mounts, motor mount lifts, engine brackets, and mount cradles were designed, manufactured, shipped, and performed to the highest possible standards. Every bracket and mount are still made by hand. No robots around here! It takes time, but we know it's done right. Plus, every Brown Dog Offroad product passed the Prince-Test before any of his "Jeeping Dog Brothers" were allowed to ride miles from civilization on them.

Brown Dog Offroad continues to listen to other Jeep owners. And the Brown Dog memory still runs Arizona's toughest trails. If you see Tim on the trails, give him a high paw in memory of Prince.  And, stay tuned. As Jeep owners across the country contact us with additional needs, we will design, engineer, test and release other high-performance products. But only after they pass the Prince Test.

Let us know what we can do for you, call us at 866 401-3877 or email or let us know when you'll be in the area. We're always looking for an excuse to hit the trails.

Before you call, remember, we only make parts for Jeep.