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JEEP Model, Year, and Engine We ONLY SUPPORT those vehicles and engines listed below. Grand Cherokee: No Products

Brown Dog Offroad promises to take care of you on the trail, too.  
Above, the Brown Dog always looked out for his friends on the trail. It's a secure feeling knowing Brown Dog motor mounts and engine brackets are holding the engine in place.
The Brown Dog Promise
Brown Dog products are designed for high performance off road applications. No one can predict the forces a vehicle will encounter in extreme conditions that are beyond the original design parameters. However, we feel our motor mounts and engine brackets for Jeep Wrangler YJ and TJ, Cherokee XJ, and Comanche MJ will continue to perform as designed when other products would break. This is why the steel frame of every Brown Dog motor mount or bracket is backed with our Life-Time Warranty.
Life-Time Warranty. 
  • If our product was installed correctly and any yellow (or factory-welded to yellow) portion of our product fails,
  • Send us photos showing the damage, and that the product was properly installed in the correct application (i.e. Jeep vehicle, year, engine). 
  • If the above conditions are me we'll send your free replacements. No shipping, handling, evaluation or any other hidden charge. Free is free. If we want the failed mounts or brackets returned, we'll pay for the shipping after you've received and installed the replacements. We're that sure.
  • The replaceable Ultra-Flex Rubber or Classic Polyurethane bushings are not covered (they are consumables). 
  • ANY alteration(s) of any kind without our explicit pre-approval voids the entire warranty.
Hey, we go out and do the same stuff you do, and we try to break it, but we don't hold others responsible for the results of our strange behavior. Have fun. Be safe.
Ride secure on high performance Brown Dog mounts and brackets.