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BU2500-J, Ultra-Flex Rubber Bushings

Your Price: $34.95
Part Number: BU2500-J
Includes: Everything shown plus 1 sticker
Kit of four replacement Ultra-Flex Rubber Bushings needed to rebuild a pair of J-series Brown Dog motor mounts (MM) or motor mount lifts (MML) for 2.5L Wrangler YJ. These proprietary Ultra-Flex Rubber Bushings are made in the USA of natural rubber. Designed to absorb more drive-line vibration and provide a smoother ride, these are significantly softer than Classic Polyurethane bushings. If this vehicle is your daily driver, you'll want to consider these bushings.
Brown Dog Ultra-Flex Rubber and Classic Polyurethane bushings are interchangeable.
If you have rubber bushings and want a sportier ride, order the Classic Polyurethane kit. If you have polyurethane bushings and want to absorb more drive-line vibration, order the Ultra-Flex Rubber kit. All Brown Dog motor mounts and motor mount lifts are rebuildable with either rubber or polyurethane.
Replaces worn bushings in J-Series Brown Dog motor mounts and motor mount lifts:
  • CU2569-0J
  • CU2569-1J
  • CU2569-2J
Order one kit per pair of mounts. Each kit includes four bushings (two per mount). 

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