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CU2572-0, Motor Mounts, Ultra-Flex Rubber

Your Price: $169.95
Part Number: CU2572-0
Includes: Everything shown plus 1 sticker
Made in USA: Using USA steel, bushings, hardware, etc.
Warranty: Lifetime - Except bushings
The Brown Dog has experienced a couple busted stock motor mounts himself, on his own Jeep Wrangler. This is why we engineered these replacement motor mounts for extreme strength. You'll find these mounts a serious upgrade from most other mounts, too.

High Performance Design.
We use steel and feature double-weld joints to provide the most strength possible. And, just to make sure, we periodically pull a set of mounts off the shelf and put them through our 20-Ton Press Test.


Featuring Ultra-Flex Rubber Bushings.

These Brown Dog motor mounts feature our proprietary Ultra-Flex Rubber bushings designed to dampen drive-train vibration. If this is your daily driver, you may find these bushings well worth the extra money. Should you ever need to replace the bushings, we'll have them. Prefer Classic Polyurethane bushings? We offer all motor mounts and motor mount lifts with either polyurethane or rubber to match your preference.  Not sure which is for you? Click here.



Installation Notes
  • Mounts bolt directly to the pylons, in the identical position of the stock mounts.
  • Engine remains in stock position. 
  • Carefully inspect engine bracket for any excess wear, especially cracks. If brackets show wear, order  SU2572-0 which include Motor Mounts and Engine Brackets.
  • Tighten through-bolts (bolt that goes through bracket arms and motor mount) snug. Do not over-tighten through-bolt lock nuts. Please remember, lock nuts are for one-time use only. If removed, they should be replaced, not re-used. Air tools should not be used here.
  • Bolts to pylons should be tightened like most others on your Jeep frame. Nice and tight.
  • Slides into 4.0L or 4.2L Wrangler YJ with original Jeep engine brackets. No interference. No modifications.
  • If used on Cherokee XJ or Comanche MJ with the original Jeep engine brackets, the driver-side bracket arms may require a bit of grinding to avoid interference with motor mount bushing. (Our PN CU2572-0K2 will slide into original Jeep engine brackets on XJ and MJ with no modification.)
  • If you have any questions during installation, believe a part will not fit, or a part does not line up correctly, do NOT alter the part. Call Brown Dog, 866 401-3877 or contact us. We have extended support to assist with installation.
Application Notes
  • Jeep Wrangler YJ, 6-Cylinder, 4.0L, 242ci, 1991-1995 
  • Jeep Wrangler YJ, 6-Cylinder, 4.2L, 258ci, 1987-1990  
  • Also for use with a stroker engine

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