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JEEP Model, Year, and Engine We ONLY SUPPORT those vehicles and engines listed below. Grand Cherokee: No Products

Tim and Walt at Woodpecker, between Florence and Florence Junction, Arizona.
Above, the Brown Dog and his buddy, 'Zoney, are off in the desert exploring Woodpecker Trail near Florence, Arizona while their Dads, Tim and Walt, take a break. 

Hi Tim –thank you very much – I really appreciate it!! By the way Tim as an old R&D engineer – I’m really impressed with the research and development that you put into your products. It really shows in a quality product.

_Washington State

I just wanted to let you know that I just installed your standard poly engine mounts on my YJ and they are fantastic. Previously I had a broken fan shroud, exhaust manifold and trashed transmission mount with the (probably original) motor mounts in my 1993 YJ. I pretty much just ignored the root cause. I replaced the shroud and it broke again. After spending the time and effort on replacing the exhaust manifold, I didn't want to go through that again anytime soon, so I decided to replace the motor mounts. Now with the Brown Dog Engine mounts installed, I have no worries. Thanks for a great product.

I did a little write up on our forum. I'm hoping to encourage our members to check their motor mounts and replace with Brown Dog.


I installed your mounts on my 99 Jeep Wrangler this weekend, and I have to say I love the way it drives now. No new vibration, and the jeep seems more responsive now. Shifts are smoother. The ride seems better. I suspect it might be because the engine isn’t flopping around anymore like it was with stock mounts. I would recommend your mounts to anyone!


Dear Brown Dog Team,

"I am writing to tell you about how appreciative I am of your quality in craftsmanship and how your motor mounts greatly affected the lives of me and my own.  Back in January of 2014, my 97 xj’s fan clutch was hitting my radiator and I then knew it was time for new motor mounts.  In my rigorous search for a better product over stock, I came across your name in a forum and decided to give your mounts and brackets a try (SU2572-0HX, Super Kit, Ultra-Flex Rubber.  Come the beginning of February, I had them bolted in and was immediately surprised at the results. There were a few hiccups during installation that were ironed out over the phone.  The customer service, hands down, was amazing. 

May 28th, my fiancé and I were looking for odds n ends at local garage sales and were on our way home when a vehicle entered our lane and hit us head on.  My fiancé suffered from a tibial plateau fracture, torn rotator cuff, and muscle tearing and I tore my quadricep.  Screws and plates later, I spoke with the claims adjustor where he told me that if I had not installed your motor mounts and brackets, the motor would have travelled through the firewall permanently maiming if not killing us both.  The motor mounts and brackets never broke but bent 90º not letting the motor travel more than an inch.

I would like to thank you for our second chance at life and your amazing product and amazing engineering and craftsmanship that allowed it.  I look forward to when I’ll be able to put your mounts in my new (to me) 2000 TJ."

- New Jersey

Hey Tim,

I installed the mount Friday night.  The install went as expected and everything lined up great.  I think it is safe to say this system fits the XJ.

I have a buddy with a YJ and a 2.5l. He beats that motor hard pushing some 37” tires.  I  pointed him to your website, I hope he orders some mounts from you so he doesn’t get stuck on the trail!

I really appreciate your help with this.


"If you have to get new motor mounts, get Brown Dog's. I bought them last year and swear the Jeep will rot before his motor mounts do."
- Virginia
"Talk about customer service! ... If their lifts are HALF as good in quality as they claim (and as I've heard) ... with this level of customer service and price level (half that of the .. models) ... they are pretty much a No Brainer for anyone looking for Motor Mount Lifts."
- South East Memphis

"Got the motor mount lift from them and it is beefy. Install was relatively simple, and it had no new vibes or anything. They're great. Good choice."
- Seattle, WA

"Your products rock! I'm in the process of installing your motor mounts on my '94 YJ. I discovered that the passenger side stock cradle was blown to pieces. If your cradle is built like your motor mounts it'll never break. BTW, if you have any stickers I'd love to pimp your products for you."
- Kingsport, TN

"Ordered a set of these on Wednesday and received them on Friday! I am very pleased with the quality, they really are very heavy duty."
- Hookstown, PA

"I'm very disappointed in you guys, you produce such an amazing set of XJ motor mounts like the ones I received today and you send no decals for me to advertise for you. If you have decals, I would like 2-4 sent to my house so I can put your name out there to keep people from ****'s overpriced motor mounts."
- Carmel, IN

"Got my mounts on Saturday and installed them on Monday! Great product, great price, and a class act vendor! Thanks Tim, I love them!"
- Olympia, WA

"Perfect fit. God bless the Brown Dog!"
- Riverside CA