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JEEP Model, Year, and Engine We ONLY SUPPORT those vehicles and engines listed below. Grand Cherokee: No Products

The far upper end of Box Canyon, near Florence, Arizona.


The Brown Dog says,
"These are some of my favorite sites."

DIY Advice.


Additional Jeep Parts.


Stu Olson's Jeep Site  The ultimate "How To" Website.  Check here First.  While you're there please donate to keep the site running!

Jeep The biggest, most active all-JeepĀ® forum on the our opinion. North America XJ Association. Need we say more?

Jeep VIN Decoder Decode VIN of 1981 and later Jeeps here. Remember, letters "I", "O", and "Q" are never included in a VIN. (JeepFan)

The History of Jeep This link was recommended by James, a  young man and Jeep enthusiest who shared it with his class in an after school program.  This is a sub-page of  Check them out while you are there looking at the history.


We recommend one, and only one company for stroker engines:

Golen Engines  Golen builds the best strokers on the market.  You will NOT be disappointed.

Other Interesting Non-Jeep links
This link was provided by Regina,
a student in a Summer Education Program.